‘Fun and Games’ Part of Riviera Health Resort’s Therapy Protocol
Dr. Ismael Roque-Velasco | October 3, 2012

Post-acute and rehabilitation facility utilizes Xbox Kinect gaming as a therapeutic tool

The video gaming system used to play ‘Madden NFL’ and ‘Halo’ is not something one associates with physical therapy, but Xbox Kinect, a progressive rehabilitation gaming tool is exactly what the doctor ordered to help patients at Riviera Health Resort strengthen their core, lower and upper extremities, and gain balance.
The state-of-the-art facility combining post-acute and rehabilitation services within a luxury boutique-hotel environment, also utilizes a similar game-like concept within its computerized HUR rehabilitation equipment on a machine called the ibalance. The ibalance features exercises such as “chase,” “maze,” “tennis,” and “stepper” that requires patients to navigate through the games by shifting their weight and practicing stability.
“We explored uitilizing Wii or Playstation, but decided upon Xbox Kinect as a preferred rehabilitation tool because the patient’s body acts as the remote control, providing increased benefits,” said Dr. Ismael Roque-Velasco, Chief Administrative Officer of Riviera Health. “We recognize that therapy is challenging, so integrating elements that are not only beneficial but downright fun help further recovery.”
Riviera’s use of innovative gaming techniques, as well as offering up to three hours of physical therapy per day dependent on a patient’s needs distinguishes the skilled nursing facility.
“Our guests are provided with a personalized, highly-focused program of integrated therapy,” continues Dr. Roque. “This unparalleled care, coupled with attentive service and five-star amenities within a truly one-of-a-kind, luxurious setting, provides the ideal healthcare approach to getting our guests back on their feet.”
Rivera Health Resort’s post-acute care and rehabilitation offerings are designed for individuals who have experienced a recent injury, illness, procedure – such as joint replacement – or suffered an impairment.

Services will also include functional assessments, physical therapy, audiology, vestibular rehabilitation, back/spine programs, women’s specialized wellness, post-joint replacement programs, sports medicine rehabilitation and numerous others.